Election Results

Congratulations to the new board members Rob Elsroad, Blake Hewitt, and Randy Joly.

Election Update

Election ballots will be counted on January 10th at 10 am and the results will be posted here later that day.

Election Update

Since a few members may not have received the original Notice of Election, an updated Notice has been mailed to all members. The only significant changes to this notice is to delay the due date for nominations and adjust the election dates correspondingly. Due to the delay, we have decided not to consider an online election this year. If you have already submitted a nomination you do not need to re-submit.
All nominations must be received at Wallace & Associates Income Tax & Accounting Service, 302 W. Willis Street, Suite 105, Prescott by 5 PM on November 30, 2017. If more than three nominations are received there will be an election and eligible voters will receive a Ballot by mid-December 2017 requesting votes for no more than three (3) candidates. The three candidates receiving the most votes will be elected for the two-year terms. Ballots must be received in the company’s Business Office listed above before 5 PM on Tuesday, 2 January 2017.
If you do not receive a ballot by December 15, you can call (928) 445-5606 or email icr.elections@gmail and we will fax or email you a duplicate ballot. You can also appear in person at the Wallace and Associates offices and fill out a replacement ballot. For security reasons we will only email your ballot to the email address you used to register on the website or at icr.elections@gmail.
The new Directors will assume office at the January 2018 ICR Water Users Association Board of Directors meeting.

Paperless Selection Update

ICRWUA will begin offering the option for receiving all correspondence by email, in addition to the water bills that many of you already receive. This will also be the first step in an online voting system. ICRWUA will continue to offer a first-class mail voting option to any member not authorizing us to use an online system. Using email and an online voting system will save the Association significant postage and labor costs and increases the security of the election process.
The first step in this online voting process is to build a database of all members wishing to receive election material and other correspondence via email. Explained below is the process to sign up for the online voting system. Anyone who does not sign up will still automatically receive all election materials via first-class mail. Email selection will be used in all future election and other correspondence unless a member cancels their enrollment. Only home and lot owners with an ICRWUA water meter will be eligible to vote.
In addition to signing up for the online voting system we would also like to offer you the ability to receive your water bill by email and automatically pay your bill. This service has been available for a number of years and numerous members have taken advantage of it.
To authorize ICRWUA to enroll you in online voting. Please click sign-up on the right side of this page. I understand I can change my email address or cancel at any time.
To authorize Wallace Utility Billing Solutions to send your water bill via email. Please email your name and the address(s) of your property(s) in the ICRWUA coverage area that have a water meter to I understand I can change my email address or cancel at any time. If you are interested in automatic payments include that in your email.

Director Login

The Director Login (previously Member Login) will be used by Directors and Staff to access the non-public areas of the website.  It is not necessary to have a logon to use all features of the public website.  Because of a design mistake anyone could create a logon which would give them access to the non-public areas of the website.  The non-public areas of the website will soon be operational.  It was therefore necessary to delete all logons except for the Directors and Staff.    We apologize for any misunderstanding that the logon feature created and any inconvenience it caused.  Again no logon is required to use the full features of the public website.

2016 Water Quality Reports Are Available

The 2016 Water Quality Reports required by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) have been completed. They provide general information concerning water quality and the test results from water samples collected from our customers. This data confirm that we provide the highest quality water to all our customers. The reports are posted on this website under the tab                                         Board Documents –> Water Quality  You can download a copy from the website or get a printed copy by calling our business office at 928-445-5606.