Water System
• ICRWUA owns only 1 well field, the TRR well field – the ICR well field is leased with the lease to be amended in 2020
• East side of WVR high pressure system, west side gravity system
• West side has little redundancy, number of single points of failure
• Transmission mains are a single point of failure for both sides
• WC and TRR developers are obligated to provide additional water capacity if required for any new sections
• Rates are set by ACC based on costs, ICRWUA cannot change rates without ACC review and approval
• Golf course water is delivered to holding ponds for distribution by TRR with no cost or responsibility by ICRWUA
• TRR owns a very high capacity well field that it holds for future use

Water Meters
• Increased accuracy – pay for what you use
• Old meters – over the last 3 years of testing 23% of meters exceeded a 3% error rate and had to be replaced
• New meters accuracy error rate better than 1%
• Leak detection – alert customers much sooner
• More resistant to tampering
• 20-year warranty vs old 5-year warranty
• EPA recommends replacing at 15-20 year

ARC Separation
• ICRWUA connected to ARC by ICR Units 1-3 CC&Rs
• ICRWUA liability has been discussed by many previous boards but never addressed
• Liability extends to all member not just to those in Units 1-3
• Recent lawsuit identified the extent of liability which caused the Board to act
• Similar developments (ICR Units 4-5 and Granite Oaks) disbanded their ARCs with no adverse effects
• First step was the recent ICRWUA Board disbanding the ARC

Connecting Systems
• Entire system becomes gravity fed
• Increased fire flow capacity and volume
• Improved redundancy, reliability, and maintenance
• Reduced power loads and electricity expenses
• Improved supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) would be installed
• All costs to be incurred by TRR